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Xero Shoes Original Barefootware

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Barefoot running sandals
Xero Shoes • Original Barefootware
- As seen on Shark Tank on ABC TV
- "Barefoot.. PLUS!™" sandals
- worn by over 50,000 people in 87 countries, aged 2 to 92
- great for walking, running, hiking, gym-going, yoga, the beach... everything
- you get the fun and health benefits of being barefoot, with a layer of protection
- make them as simple as you want, or decorate them to express yourself
- custom-made to perfectly fit your foot
- inexpensive (starting at $19.95!)
- 5,000 mile warranty!
- WINNER: Grovie Award - Best Huaraches Sandals - TOP RATED: 94 out of 100 rating from The Running Clinic
Xero Shoes are the closest thing you can get to being barefoot... PLUS a layer of protection,
a perfect fit, and a style you can call your own.

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